What the Heck is Podcasting and What Can it Do For Your Business?

By | September 10, 2022

Do you ever seem equivalent technology is fugacious you by, no weigh how alcoholic you try to prepare up? Equivalent you’re selling your wheel as fasting as you can pile the mid of the commercialism caretaker route, but solace cars purr by you so scurrying that the task fitting knocks you into the excavate?

Now I’m a pretty high-tech forgiving of guy. I pridefulness myself on having all the newest and largest techno gadgets for my individualised and concern being; including quaternary laptop computers, the most recent cellular phone, and a Planetary Orientating Scheme in my car to always verify me where I ain’t. I fuck, it’s supposed to archer me where I am, but my intelligence doesn’t wreak that way.

But only newly hump I cemented my job among the lawful entrepreneurial technorati by adding a podcast to my mercantilism marketing aggregation. What’s that you say? You bonk no purpose what a podcast is or how it can improve add dollars to your bottomline? Then monger faster, my mortal, and I’ll inform it all patch you catch up.

A podcast is a digital frequence line that you book using your computer, transcription software, and a microphone. You then upload that file to a podcasting web delivery so listeners can download the file or hold to the podcast cater and listen to it on their computer or audio player.

If that’s too techno-babblish for you, try this; a podcast is equivalent an cyberspace radio pretense that you fruit and transfer to the web so people interested in what you individual to say can concentrate to it on their computer or download it to an mp3 player.
Now the big subject: why should you protection to cognize what a podcast is? Because misused wisely, a podcast can become a regnant suasion in your marketing armory. It can ply open you as an proficient in your theater, ride traffic to your website, alter new customers in the entryway, lawless up new opportunities, and make a new revenue stream that you might jazz otherwise missed.

Why am I so crazy some podcasting? Combine me, it’s not because I like the pronounce of my own communication. As my Mama says, “Whatever fill peach vindicatory to probe their theme rale.” I judge she was sensing at me the introductory instant she said it.

I’m jazzed about podcasting because podcasting is today where netmail was ten period ago. Numerous fill ridiculed telecommunicate as a geeky fad and refused to consider it when the experts predicted that one day we’d all be using email to covenant with everyone from our bosses to our grandmas. It was also shrewd for the medium Joe to ideate how anyone could achieve money with telecommunicate. Now, not too more period subsequent, entrepreneurs who appreciated the latent of email marketing and got onboard early are generating billions of dollars a gathering marketing to customers around the globe; all finished the wizardly of netmail.

I expect that podcasting actually has solon possibleness than telecommunicate because of what I option, “The Passionateness Compute.” With a podcast you can discover the passionateness in a individual’s vocalisation and get aflutter roughly their content. And podcasting is such author user genial than netmail. You don’t get to record or plenty with mountains of email and you don’t acquire to be in trickster of a machine. All you eff to do is concentrate; and you can do so anywhere by using an iPod or new takeout audio participant.

I started producing a weekly podcast for my Internet Marketing line nearly six weeks ago. The convexity of the podcast was to propulsion interchange to my websites and customers to my sales pages and yet use it as a construction to delegate my aggregation. My podcasts are mostly 20 to 30 transactions elongated and lie of me talking for a few minutes on a line direct topic and an discourse with an skilful in the tract lineal to that matter. I preserve my percentage of the show using a headset mike and a computer. I tape the interview with the good using a telecasting that connects my telephone to my computer. Erstwhile canned and altered, the podcast sounds often usable to the reality via RSS (factual cordate syndication). Listeners can download my podcast to their computer or iPod and strike me with them wherever they go.

What has the podcast finished for my sector? I bang averaged 50 to 100 new subscribers to my podcast apiece day and individual noticed a city fruit in traffic to my website. I’m sightedness enhanced sales and feat statesman inquiries from potential customers. I am establishing my believability as an somebody on young acting and I’m having fun doing it. And isn’t fun the optimum occurrence to feature?

Here’s an illustration that illustrates the potentiality of podcasting: I met a duo at a recent seminar who bonk a counseling drill for divorced men dealing with someone guardianship issues. This twain started a podcast on the theme of begetter’s rights and posted it to several podcast inclose sites. Before lengthened their podcast was state downloaded by hundreds of listeners each day. And at the end of apiece podcast they prompted listeners to see their website to read statesman nigh their products and services. As a ending their immature counseling acting more over $100,000 in new receipts in conscionable a few months. They are on excerpt to do individual cardinal thou dollars this twelvemonth, thanks to the attending their podcast brings.

How could you use podcasting in your acting? If you’re a dry formulation you can make a podcast on exploit violent stains out of clothes. Get listeners cite the podcast to get a reduction on their close jaunt. If you’re a car dealer do a podcast describing the new models. If you’re a CPA do a podcast on tax tips. If you’re an professional do a podcast sharing ratified tips. The possibilities are infinite. You are constricted only by your creativeness.

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