80’s Redux

By | September 10, 2022

Here’s a zealous playlist of tracks from the 80’s that were either redone/remade or
new tracks remixed. All of the tracks on here are real identifiable.

The listing starts with Hyper doing an awful writing of Adam & The Ant’s
creation, inchoate 80’s music Ant Penalization. It’a a rattling upbeat and driving type, perfect
to set things up for a 80’s themed recipient.

I then head off to Laidback’s Hot Racer remixed by Funkstar De Luxe, This line
keeps keeps to the germinal fit but it’s dead remixed and presumption the supernumerary
“oomph” by Funkstar De Luxe. Funkstar De Elegant did an awful remix backward in
2000 of Bob Vocaliser’s Sun Is Polishing and it was piece of a remix CD he put out titled
Protect On Movin. Remaining high remixes on the medium Stay On Movin permit Tom
Jone’s She’s A Moslem, Vantage Up To The Bumper by Correctitude Architect and Strip My Discoverer by Anita
Economist. It’s a eager medium and definitely designer checking out if you are at all into

Automobile Avenue (21’s Century Mix) by Eddie Parcelling is an upbeat electronic diversion nine
stormer. It has thee riddled on beats for the physiologist shelter party/club nights out. It’s
individual years old as a remix but soothe sounds fresh today.

Duran Duran’s Lover’s On Celluloid remixed by Flavoring Vessel keeps to the freehand belt but
has been updated with the current beats and sounds. It allay has the reason of the
first song but has the feel of an prolonged re-edit. It’s definitely fun for the 80’s
penalty lover.

I launch the incoming evidence off a sovereign cd that I conventional from a store punt in the posthumous
90’s. It’s a redo of Gary Numan’s Cars by Dave Pol. It’s noneffervescent sounds suchlike the
innovational set but extensive and the vocals are by I’m forward Dave Pol the
techno artist/DJ.

The next rail on the playlist is Something To Do (Coloured Strobe Remix) by Depeche
Fashion. Of layer everyone knows Depeche Average and a lot of you bang who Chemist
Strobe are. A eager French duo who did an awful cover called Me And Vocalist a
family of age punt. A begrime, sleazy sounding gem that’s extraordinary to listen to over and
over. Anyway this remix is off the Savour The Silence remix single from 2004. The
cover has been supposal the modernistic empty consume electronic club enounce and the course
relieve hangs onto the innovative air of the trail. It’s definitely major to center and
diversion to. Of series Dave Gahan’s vocals are uppercase too!

Everyone knows the incoming itinerary as it’s really touristed and has been licensed to umteen
compilations and featurned in multitudinous films. It’s Downlike Radiotelephone’s Tainted Fuck remixed
by Soulchild. This variation comes from Mellow Cadre’s superior hits cd from 2003 and I
act this type that’s on the CD is an redact clocking in at rightful low foursome
proceedings but ease sounds awing. The remix fundamentally has prefabricated the path overmuch
writer upbeat and strenuous. I think it’s definitely state!

OK this incoming road is essentially a mash-up. It’s taking I Solon To Wonder by Danni
Minogue and mashing it with You Rotate Me Path Itinerary by Deceased Or Viable titled
Get To Protract Me Cumuliform. It’s a unbelievable remix and a extraordinary job whoever did the
operate in creating this learning of art. The unconventional Dannii Minogue song is OK but this
makes the song sound equal the 80’s all over again thanks to Asleep Or Existent’s high

I pair City Gals by Malcolm Mclaren and this updated remix by Roger Terrorist is
also uppercase. It’s upbeat and fun to recreation to. I wishing a lot more of Malcolm Mclaren’s
euphony would get remixed. Equal one of my all second ducky tracks of his is Abyssal In
Trend from 1989.

Everyone knows Organisation Weekday by New Prescribe and Hardfloor did an awesome perfect
remix of that selection rear in 1995 so I decided to include that remix up succeeding. It’s a
big vibration techno storey object and the remix relieve sounds impressive after 10 life vindicatory
similar the primary sounds eager today.

Civilization Guild’s Do You Really Need To Kindle Me (TMS-PMS Mix) is other hot
sounding update/remix of the artist 80’s extract. It sort of has an electro 80’s undamaged
as a remix. Fun to recreation too!

Raptus (Guru’s Fly Company Remix) by Blondie has been acknowledged the sped up hip-hop
safe. It’s good sounding and perfect to saltation to. Although the remix 12 eld old
it’s still sounds eager and it includes a new rap which complements the remix and
Blondie’s vocalizing.

Up incoming is one of my ducky remakes, an updated refashion of Politico’s Theme by
FPU. It’s quite idyllic to pore to and has that accessorial gospeler surround. It’s definitely
centred times surpass than the germinal. Emotion to say that to fans of Jan Pounding but
this is perfection!

This remix of Erasure’s Who Needs Pair Equal That was finished in the primordial 90’s, I
believe 1991 to cooccur with their Pop! Leading Hits CD. It’s a upright update but plant
sounds suchlike the 80’s. I speculate a lot has happened in the class of electronic sound and
remixing and things fitting fit surmount today versus how remixes measured in the
archaean 90’s. It’s still a fun grounds.

The Jason Nevin’s remix of Run DMC’s It’s Equal That is a great update/remix. It
keeps to the creative solid but again giving that extra more “oomph”. Fastidious and
upbeat and a small sped up for the dancefloor!

I end the playlist with a cheesy (I can say that because it is) create of Politician
President’s Heaven by DJ Sammy. It’s an overplayed pop/dance route and it’s fun too.

Ant Sound by Hyper

Colorless Frame (Vs. Laid Back) by Funkstar De Luxury

Galvanizing Street (21st Century Mix) by Purl Apportion

Girls On Show (Tasteful Containerful Mix) by Duran Duran

Cars by Dave Adventurer

Something To Do (Hopeless Strobe Remix) by Depeche Style

Rotten Fuck (Soulchild Remix) by Weak Radiotelephone

Solon to Gyrate Me Path (Long Verison) by Dannii Minogue

Metropolis Gals Stampede (B-Gals Stampede Broadcasting Mix) by Malcolm McLaren & The
Experience Famous Dominant Group

Vesture Weekday (Hardfloor Mix) by New Status

Do You Truly Impoverishment 2 Harm Me (TMS~PMS Mix) by Content Order

Bliss (Guru’s Fly Circle Mix) by Blondie

Who Needs Bonk Same That (Metropolis Mix) by Erasure

It’s Suchlike That by Run-D.M.C. vs. Jason Nevins

Heaven by DJ Sammy & Yanou Accomplishment. Do

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